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Maryn McKenna

Food history videos with Maryn McKenna Meet Maryn McKenna Play Maryn McKenna discusses when she knew she was going to be a writer, the first book she fell in love […]

Libby O’Connell

Food history videos with Libby O'Connell History of American foods Play Libby O’Connell, author of “The American Plate,” talks about her book and the history of American foods at the […]

Fabio Parasecoli

Food history videos with Fabio Parasecoli Fabio Parasecoli transitions from international affairs Play Fabio Parasecoli, author of Al Dente, A History of Food in Italy,” talks about how he moved […]

David Shields

Food history videos with David Shields Restoring Southern cuisine Play David Shields, author of “Southern Provisions, The Creation and Revival of a Cuisine,”  describes a time when a food’s flavor […]

Rebecca Spang

Food history videos with Rebecca Spang Invention of the restaurant in Paris Play Rebecca Spang, author of “The Invention of the Restaurant, Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture,” discusses the origin […]

Mark Essig

Food history videos with Mark Essig Pork from ancient times until today Play Mark Essig, author of “Lesser Beasts, A Snout-to-Tail History of the Humble Pig,” recounts the history of […]

Deborah Blum

Food history videos with Deborah Blum Harvey Wiley Washington and the fight for food safety Play Deborah Blum tells the true David and Goliath tale of how food was made […]

David Gentilcore

Food history videos with David Gentilcore History of the tomato in Italy Play How the tomato gradually and slowly came to dominate Italian cookery and food exports, after inauspicious beginnings […]

Laura Shapiro

How famous women used food as social status Play Laura Shapiro, author of “What She Ate,” offers tales of female empowerment or self-definition by way of the kitchen and dinner […]

Megan Elias

History of Lunch Play Megan Elias discusses the history of lunch as an example of how food history is studied. (1 hour video, 2018)