San Francisco: A Food Biography

by Erica J. Peters

From the publisher: San Francisco is a relatively young city with a well-deserved reputation as a food destination, situated near lush farmland and a busy port. San Francisco’s famous restaurant scene has been the subject of books, but the full complexity of the city’s culinary history is revealed here for the first time. This food biography presents the story of how food traveled from farms to markets, from markets to kitchens, and from kitchens to tables, focusing on how people experienced the bounty of the City by the Bay.

Erica J. Peters is the author of Appetites and Aspirations in Vietnam: Food and Drink in the Long Nineteenth Century (AltaMira, 2011). She lives in the Bay Area and is director and co-founder of the Culinary Historians of Northern California.

Rowman & Littlefield, 2013